Employee Pre-screening

Behaviordata, Inc., has developed a method for screening employees who are in positions that have a high potential for legal exposure or in positions in which there is a high potential for violence, abuse, or theft. This process was first developed for pre-employment psychological screening and annual psychological re-screening of persons who are employed in critical or high-risk positions. Since 1978, this process has proven to be successful at preventing loss and workplace violence, as well as protecting organizations from legal exposure. This process has never been successfully challenged, and it has been further refined so that it can now predict potential problem employees. Futhermore, since this process was first implemented in 1978, no entity using this process has ever been compromised by an employee.

Employee applicants are given the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2® ) and/or California Psychological Inventory (CPI™). The test results are then analyzed by computer, in several complex formulas, to:

  • Compare the applicant's profile to the normal range, as well as to profiles of persons who may have a psychological or characterological problems that could affect his or her ability to perform the job safely, and could not be compensated according to ADA or EEOC.
  • Contrast the profile to the Behaviordata database of people who have known histories of violence, dishonesty, theft, and/or sexually inappropriate, aggressive, or abusive behavior.

A psychologist who is experienced in pre-employment screening reviews the computer-generated report. The psychologist identifies those applicants who could be problematic, or who have indicators of potentially high-risk or violent behavior. An applicant whose testing indicates a potential for problem behavior will be interviewed by a psychologist. After the interview, the psychologist in person or via video teleconference will make a recommendation concerning the suitability of the applicant for the position.

Basic Employee Screening

The basic screening process is inexpensive. It can be applied to a small or large number of potential employees with ease. Although the testing must be proctored, it does not require a psychologist to be on site.

In-depth Pre-employment Screening

For potential employees in extremely sensitive positions, an organization can choose a more in-depth analysis, which would include the CPI™ and 16PF tests. In addition to the MMPI-2®, those tests are coupled with an in-depth psychological interview.

Criminal Background Checks

Behaviordata clients may also wish to do a criminal background check. Behaviordata works in collaboration with private investigator firms that conduct criminal background checks. There are two levels of checks:

Basic Criminal Background

Includes a statewide criminal history check.

Comprehensive Background

Includes an in person interview or an inerview via video teleconferencing (if applicable), interviews of listed and developed references, verification of validity of required documents, confirmation of employment and experience, criminal history check, DMV and credit report checks, civil checks, neighborhood and landlord checks, and photo confirmation of the applicant.

Workplace Threat Assessment, and Other Services


Consultants from Behaviordata will work with corporate Human Relations, Security, the legal department, or private investigators to evaluate potential threats of violence.


A strategic plan will be developed in collaboration with Human Relations, Security, the Legal Department, or private investigators, to minimize or neutralize the threat.


Behaviordata offers training modules and consultation services designed to help companies prevent threatened workplace violence.