• narratives

    Optimized Design
    Seven types of narrative clinical reports, optimized for usefulness to mental health professionals
    All reports include:

    • 10 clinical scales
    • 161 subscales (4 types of T-scores)
    • 45 derived factors and indices
    • The NCS-Pearson scales
  • On-line Scoring

    Test Scoring of the MMPI-2® and CPI™
    • No Annual Fee
    • No Software To Buy
    • Set up an account online
    • Contact us to prepay for the report(s)
    • Send us a copy of your license
    • Reports are emailed back to you
  • pre-employment screening

    Risk Management
    Identify critical personality factors that will be successful fits in your agency
    Find information for

    • law enforcement
    • security guards
    • emergency personnel

all new revised Behaviordata reports

All Approved University of Minnesota Scales
on-line scoring for the MMPI-2® and CPI™

our reports now include:

  • Content Scales Profile
  • MMPI-2® Supplementary Scales Profile
  • MMPI-2® Psy-5 Scales Profile
  • Minnesota Additional Scales
  • Minnesota Restructured Scales


Behaviordata works to provide comprehensive psychological test scoring, interpretation, consultation, and data analysis, with applications to clinical diagnosis and treatment planning, pre-employment screening, threat assessment, employment suitability, and research.