Clinical Reports

The state of the art in psychodiagnostic narrative reports

The Behaviordata, Inc. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2®)is now online with all of the University of Minnesota's scales. California Psychological Inventory (CPI™) Clinical Reports are based upon sophisticated computer algorithms used to analyze the MMPI-2® and CPI™, and were developed initially by the prestigious University of Kentucky Research Foundation. Our dedication to the continuous refinement of this work has yielded a market-leading product that provides reliable, mission-critical data to our clients.

MMPI-2® narrative reports for clinicians

Among the first narrative, comprehensive, computerized psychodiagnostic reports made available to the professional community, Behaviordata's reports are backed by more than 40 years of research and refinement. The reports contain ten clinical scales and all of the University of Minnesota's scales, as well as 161 subscales (using four types of T-scores for each), along with 45 derived factors and indices, standardized to Behaviordata's proprietary norms.

Carefully designed to optimize their usefulness to the clinical practitioner, seven types of narrative clinical reports are offered to the mental health professional. Each clinical report includes information on test validity, fully annotated, specific DSM diagnoses, and recommendations for treatment. Additional descriptions of psychodynamics and personality issues vary by report type. Non-clinical self-reports are also available for clinicians to give to their clients; these reports are unique to this system and are designed to provide the client with information about himself or herself.

CPI™ narrative reports for clinicians

Authorized by Consulting Psychologists Press to provide the CPI™ clinical scoring system, Behaviordata offers CPI™ narrative reports of the same quality and format as its MMPI-2® reports. In-depth analysis is based on 141 scales and 45 factor scores, and is the most comprehensive clinical application of the CPI™ instrument available in the industry.

As a widely-researched personality inventory, the CPI™ is useful for assessing older adolescents and adults. While the Behaviordata clinical interpretation of the CPI™ is useful for diagnosing pathology, the focus of the CPI™ instrument is on coping behavior within normal populations. Our CPI™ clinical reports include annotated DSM diagnoses, with an emphasis on personality traits like leadership, dominance, social maturity, responsibility, ethical behavior, and achievement style. With the option to score both the 480-item and the newer, 462-item editions, Behaviordata's CPI™ narratives assure you of highly useful information.

MMPI-2® and CPI™ Report Types

Report 0
Profile and Data Page


A report designed primarily for the professional who prefers to interpret the inventory results himself or herself. Instead of a narrative report, it contains an inventory profile, data page all approved University of Minnesota scales, and input echo page. Options available with Report 0 are the Self Report and Research Option.
(includes the NCS-Pearson MMPI-2® scales)

Report 1
HR and Personnel Report


Designed for use by industrial psychologists and personnel counselors. Contains critical items and relevant non-clinical personality information, and emphasizes the "World of Work" section of the narrative.

Report 2
Counselor's Report


Designed for use by marriage, pastoral, rehabilitation, vocational, and school counselors or caseworkers. Includes statements about the person's strengths and weaknesses as they affect coping behavior and his or her potential for counseling. Includes the "World of Work" section.
(includes the NCS-Pearson MMPI-2® scales)

Violence and Risk Assessment Correctional Report


Designed for use by correctional counselors, including probation and parole officers and caseworkers in correctional institutions. A useful source of information before sentencing, in diversion programs, and to determine the potential for rehabilitation and the advisability of parole. This report addresses the issues of potential risk of violence or repeat offending.

Report 5
Physician's Clinical Report


The only MMPI-2® Report created by a physican for physicians. Contains personality and pathology information relevant to a Physician. Included are substance abuse potential, demandingness, somatic tendencies, hysteria, diagnostic impression(s), and potential treatment modalities. Available only to licensed professionals and physicians.

Report 6
Diagnostic Clinical Report


Designed as a psychodiagnostic aid. Used by hospitals and clinics for admission purposes. Contains relevant personality and pathology information and includes the "Diagnostic Impression" section of the narrative. Available only to licensed professionals.

Report 7
Comprehensive Clinical Report


Behaviordata's most detailed report, designed for a thorough analysis of both personality and pathology. Includes fully developed and indexed suggested DSM diagnoses. Includes all the Behaviordata scales and all of the University of Minnesota scales. Available only to licensed professionals.

MMPI-2® and CPI™ Available Options

Research Option (RO) - adds scale scores, profile, and other numeric data
Critical Items (CI) - lists item responses that are unusual or noteworthy
Penal/Correctional (P/C) - additional information useful in forensic cases

Shapiro Control Inventory (SCI)

The SCI is a new instrument to provide a comprehensive examination of issues in human control. The 197-item instrument yields 9 scales that measure a person's ability to exercise control in real-life situations.


The GuidePak is a self-help instrument designed to let a client integrate information about personality (as it relates to working) and occupational interests to choose his or her ideal career. It includes narrative reports for both the CPI™ and the Strong Interest Inventory™, as well as a 101-page workbook intended for the client, to increase commitment and participation. The workbook provides additional career information for the client's use.

Comprehensive Personality Profile® (CPP®)

The CPP is a state-of-the-art psychological measure designed to help improve employee selection. This instrument helps personnel managers identify strengths and weaknesses in each candidate for employment, while pinpointing management problems.

Strong Interest Inventory™

The Strong Interest Inventory has the longest history of any job-related inventory. This test assesses a person's vocational interests and compares the person's scores with those of individuals who are established in various professions. In addition, the test measures the person's intellectual efficiency, as well as preference toward introversion or extroversion. The test also describes people in terms of general types of vocational interests, namely "Realistic," "Investigative," "Artistic," "Social," "Enterprising," and "Conventional".